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Speak of the Devil (Morgan Kingsley Series #4)

Speak of the Devil - Jenna Black This really felt like a transition novel, more filler than anything. The book before was pretty action-packed and all kinds of things happened. This one was just kind of blah. It really feels like things are getting stretched out and the main storyline was boring. Here's what happens in a nutshell, practically spoiler-free:Morgan gets in trouble with bad guysMorgan has to ask for Adam's help reluctantlyMorgan gets mad at Adam because he tells her she needs help and a bodyguardDominic makes some fantastic food and coffeeBrian gets mad at Morgan because she has trust issues and they have a big fightLugh tries to seduce MorganMorgan stupidly tries to solve the mystery herself and gets herself into even more troubleand throw in some light BDSM and you've got the bulk of the book.Doesn't that sound like the last two in the series though, but without the compelling plot to flesh out the story? It's gotten to the point that I'm reading this series because I want to find out what happens with the characters and not because it's an engaging read. Unfortunately I'm also finding it hard to like Morgan. She doesn't really get along with or trust anyone, and she's stubborn to a fault, practically stupidly so. She really needs to grow a bit more for me to like her again. I'm really hoping the next book is better.Here's my review of the last book in the series: The Devil's Playground.

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