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Magic Bleeds (Kate Daniels Series #4)

Magic Bleeds - Ilona Andrews I ran the gamut of emotions while reading this book; first I was annoyed, then bored, sad, excited, and finally happy. What's interesting, now that I think about it, is that my emotions ran parallel to what Kate was feeling at the time, which I have to say is a pretty outstanding feat for an author. I spent the better part of the novel pissed off alongside Kate. The opening scene shows Kate waiting in her kitchen with the dinner she made cooling and her temper heating up. She thinks Curran stood her up and when she calls the Keep looking for him she's told that he's busy and not to bother him. She's understandably pissed off. Her first thought is to drive out their and chew his head off, but then she decides that's what the old Kate would do and she's trying to be more responsible. So instead of fighting him, she decides to give him the silent treatment. Of course, Curran has a reason for not showing up for dinner, but there isn't a way for him to explain because she won't talk to him. He's pissed at her, she's pissed at him, and it's all based on a giant misunderstanding caused by someone else. I really wanted them to just sit down and talk, but with their volatile personalities it was believable that they wouldn't be able to just calmly talk things out without destroying something first.The main villain of this installment was brilliant. She's strong, evil, and a threat to everything Kate holds dear. I honestly think there is only one other villain that will hold a candle to her, and he has yet to even grace the pages, except in name and backstory. The villain's henchmen though, were kind of weak. For some reason they didn't have the same creepiness as the vampires and without any sort of separate intelligence they were little more than puppets. Venom was disgusting though.Kate of course, was fantastic. She really is my favorite heroine and probably the one out of all the series I read that I can relate to the most. A few more things I loved that I won't go too far into for fear of spoiling:Catnip/Weight Bench/GlueGrendel: I love that Kate got a furry companion; even if his special power is throwing up on the floor. I was especially glad with the choice she made in regards to the Order. I hope she's finally done dealing with Saiman now, he sure is slimyNaeemah, what she is and who she works for - duh, duh, DUH!The council meeting - I actually said, "Fuck yeah, Kate!" out loud.The end/epilogueA few things that made me cry:Kate finally coming clean with Curran and his reactionMarigold : (The attack on the wolvesThe final fightI could nitpick and point out the things that bothered me, but there really wasn't all that much. Andrea kind of disappointed me. Some parts of the book were slow and at other times I was worried about where things were going to go so I'd set it aside for a few hours. And like I said, I was pissed off (mostly at Curran) because I agreed with Kate, but the end really fixed everything. Also, it's plain to see that the authors are really setting up things for the long haul and that's not something I'm disappointed by. I just hope they don't drag out this thing with Roland indefinitely and drive the series into the ground, but I always look forward to whatever they write.Check out my reviews of books two and three in this series: Magic Burns and Magic Strikes.

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