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The Everafter

The Everafter - Amy Huntley This book was sad and depressing and it makes me wonder where the author's head was at when she wrote this. Madison Stanton is dead and in a sort of limbo where the only things there with her are all the items she lost during her life. When she comes into contact with an item it sends her back to the moment in her life when she lost it and she can then relive or watch the scene as it plays out. Madison can't remember when or how she died and she hopes that by reliving all the moments of the lost items she'll be able to solve the mystery and move on.SPOILERS BELOW!!!In the book, when you're in the limbo where Madison starts out, you can relive moments of your life only through lost items. Once you get to a certain point though you go to the Everafter where everyone is. Time in the Everafter doesn't work the same as it does in the real world, every single person in the world is dead and already in the Everafter. It really felt like the author was trying to say that death is the ultimate existence and it really makes me wonder if she's Buddhist. The reason all of this is depressing is because it makes you question the point of living if everyone is so happy in death. And if everyone is already dead in the Everafter then why do they even live in the first place?Another problem I had was that the characters were underdeveloped, but I think because we only get glimpses of Madison's life this can be expected. The book is also short and the ending leaves a few loose ends. Although, that's really what I think the author was trying to point out, that when we die there are loose ends and the world keeps spinning without us.I did like this book, I just wish there had been a little more substance. I also wish that it hadn't been as depressing and pro-death as it was.

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