The Holy Terror

A possible retreat from goodreads ... though I'm tempted to yell "get off my lawn" at this site's tumblresque-ness. Yes, that's totally a word.

Jellaby - Kean Soo Argh. Would've been 4 stars if I had known this wasn't a stand alone. I don't hate cliffhangers but this book really has no ending. I know the info IS on here this time that it's the first of a series, but it's nowhere on the actual book so I thought I was getting a complete story when I grabbed it at the library. The drawing is very simplistic but honestly, not all that great. At times the colors of the main character's jacket changes colors from one panel to the next (and I'm not referencing the flashback scenes, this was in the forest when she first meets Jellaby.) What's even more ridiculous about this happening is the whole book is in shades of purple! Or maybe that's how the screw-up happened more easily than it would've in a book with multiple colors? Who knows.Jellaby is adorable though and really sells this book. If it wasn't for him/her/it then this would be a complete flop. The little girl is a jerk and I hope that this is going in a direction to where she learns to stop feeling sorry for herself and being mean to the one person who's nice to her. I'm just hoping I can get the second volume so I can see how things end. (Just checked, and I can. You're lucky, Soo!)Actual rating about a 3.5 then.

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