The Holy Terror

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Stray - Rachel Vincent I had a really difficult time with this book. I went back and forth from really liking it and then really hating it. In the beginning I could sympathize with Faythe; nobody wants their life decided for them. But as you start to learn exactly what she's running from - responsibility and family obligation - the sympathy turns to annoyance. Faythe is one of the few female werecats in the United States. For some reason females are very rare, although it's never really explained why. Faythe wants to go to college and try to have a career and a life separate from her Pride. She doesn't want to be stuck in the role of mother and housewife so she tries to run away from it all. The thing is, someone is hunting the tabbies, female werecats, and so Faythe's Father makes her come home from college so she can be protected by her numerous brothers and the enforcers working for him.At the best of times, Faythe is mildly retarded. A tabby was found beaten and raped and very much dead, and then soon after another tabby goes missing. So naturally, Faythe's family decides that they need to protect her at all costs. But Faythe gets it into her head that she wants to live outside the Pride so she tries to negotiate with her Father to leave. Um, hello? Did you miss the part about the kidnapping and rape? Why not wait for a better time to throw a temper tantrum?There are countless times where Faythe does the one thing that she shouldn't do, resulting in her own kidnapping, attempted rape, beating, and so forth. Some of the situations she gets into are so ridiculous that you almost have to think that the author didn't know how else to move the plot along.Also, Faythe fights her attraction to Marc for most of the book, so much so that she bites his leg to the bone in cat form when he tries to rub his scent on her. But then she gets drunk and sleeps with him. So not only is she stupid, she's also a stupid cheating whore (she has a human boyfriend back at college.)One final thing, this book was over 600 pages long and honestly there was so much description, explanation, and world-building included that really could have been shortened or even altogether left out. I found myself skipping over parts because they just weren't important, and I don't think I've ever done that before unless I'm reading a textbook.All in all, this was a pretty mediocre book. The only thing that makes me want to read more are the male characters. Faythe makes me want to strangle her though so I don't know how much more I can put up with.

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