The Holy Terror

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Unshapely Things - Mark Del Franco A great first book and a series I'll definitely continue with!Connor Grey is a druid but he's lost his abilities. He's collecting a disability check from his old job but he still wants to help where he can. Connor has a good friend on the Boston police force named Murdock that he helps out from time to time and one night Murdock calls him to the scene of a murder. At the scene is a dead fairy prostitute, held done with ward stones and missing a vital organ. Unfortunately what Connor agrees to help his friend with is way bigger than he could have ever thought and it could come down to having to save the world.I think for some people this book might move a little slower than they'd like. I honestly didn't have a problem with it even though normally I think I would. For some reason the pacing just really worked for this novel. Connor is made to feel real; he eats, sleeps, cleans, exercises, and hangs out with friends. All the mundane things that normally get glossed over in fantasy and paranormal books are interwoven throughout the book. That's not to say that Connor doesn't try hard to solve the mystery, but this story takes place over a month's time and it wouldn't make sense for him to be running from danger at every turn. He lives and breathes and uses the bathroom like everyone else. I honestly think this only made him more endearing to me.I also really like the other characters in the book - Joe, the oreo eating flit, is especially hilarious. I also enjoyed Meryl, a smart-mouthed researcher with orange hair, and I hope she shows up in the next book. I love the whole buddy cop friendship that Connor has with Murdock too. This really was a great book and I enjoyed it a lot. The mystery plays out in a way that you're kept guessing until the very end and I liked the magic and lore that was throughout the book. I especially loved the characters though and I can't wait to read more about them!

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