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All Four Stars

All Four Stars - Tara Dairman Just couldn't give this one all four stars ...

Couple of things kept me from loving this book. I was really disappointed with the parents up until about the last chapter. They're just awful people that want nothing to do with their daughter unless it's convenient. Some parts of the plot were also incredibly implausible, like hiring someone without ever meeting them. Most jobs (if not all? I don't know, I've never worked HR), require some form of picture identification. I know I've always had to bring in a driver's license and my SS card to every new job. So ... there goes that whole plot point!

It's a cute story regardless and I liked the main character, Gladys. I'm kind of over the whole "mean, popular, pretty girl everyone wants to be friends with, except the MC, of course," but there was a nice twist thrown in to combat that. And I'm glad Gladys told her friend what was going on instead of needlessly drawing out the lie.

The book ends with a cliffhanger but the second book, [b:The Stars of Summer|22914236|The Stars of Summer (All Four Stars, #2)|Tara Dairman||42479912], comes out in May so I'm glad I don't have to wait too long to find out what happens to Gladys.

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