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Bullet (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series #19)

Bullet - Laurell K. Hamilton I never wrote a review for this one, even though I meant to. I moved across the country right after I finished this, and even though I kept notes, I've just never gotten around to writing a proper review. Please read my status updates if you're curious why I gave this 1 star. I sometimes find it hard to properly convey my absolute RAGE with this series, but my knee-jerk reactions to various passages are pretty accurate portrayals of my overall feelings. I can't help but think I'm doing my friends a disservice by not writing a full review of this one, but please, please, PLEASE, don't spend money on these books anymore. The only way LKH will ever realize that her books are shit is if people stop buying them.Against my better judgement, I also read the book after this one. Here's my review of Hit List, as well as my review for the previous book, Flirt.

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