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Mortal Seductions

Mortal Seductions - Allyson James I liked this book better than I did the first. It was more developed and had a better story and wasn't just about the sex. Believe me though, sex is a main component. If I had to describe this book I'd say it's like an erotic version of Indiana Jones, but there's more than one kind of cave exploration in this story. Wink wink. If you're at all bothered by m/m, m/m/f, anal sex, or double penetration I'd stay far far away from this one. I enjoyed it though, the scenes were hot and well-written and there weren't a lot of silly words thrown about. The only one I don't like all that much is quim. That's such a weird word for vagina. Thankfully, it wasn't used that often. The three main characters are Leon; a mortal shapeshifter, Demitri; a demigod, and Valenarian; a demon. They're a motley bunch to say the least, but they all come together in Egypt. Val and Demitri knew each other from 3000 years ago. Val is a vengeance demon kind of like Anya from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she goes after men that that have wronged women. But somewhere along the way Val strays from her path and starts to lure men away and punish them before they've even done anything. Aphrodite, (yes, there's Greek gods in this one too, just stay with me), sends Demitri to punish Val but he falls in love with her. Aphrodite decides that instead of killing Val she'll try to cure her and so makes Valenarian, renamed Valerie, one of her celibate priestesses for the next 3000 years and only sends her out to be a matchmaker for other couples. (This all happens in the prologue so it's not really spoiling much.)Fast forward to the present time. Leon has just finished a tour in Afghanistan and doesn't know what he wants to do next. He decides to visit his younger brother Remy, who's an archaeologist in Egypt. What Leon doesn't know is that Val is sent to Egypt by Aphrodite to fix him up with a girl on Remy's dig. Both Val and Leon end up staying in a hotel, owned by Demitri of course, and they all get to know each other. Rather well, actually. So Val breaks her vow of celibacy and Aphrodite is out to kill her, unless Val can pass a test devised by the goddess.The interesting thing about this novel is that it's obviously well researched. I'm not an expert on all things Egyptian, but the descriptions of the archaeological sites, the tombs and monuments, and the particulars of what a dig entails were really well mapped out. And this isn't just a novel set in Egypt with gods and immortals running about with some racy sex scenes thrown in. Both sides of the novel, the plot and the sex, are really well put together. I have to say though, that I connected more with Leon and Demitri than I did Val, strangely enough. I never really liked Val and thought she was annoying as Valenarian and boring as Valerie. Valenarian also sounds like some sort of STD. Plus, every time she ended her sentences with "lover" I pronounced it "luvaaa" in my head and thought of Rachel Dratch and Will Ferrell in the hot tub sketch on SNL. NOT a good visual.With that aside, the great thing about threesomes is there's two other people to like! Leon and Demetri together are hot hot hot. Especially when they have some alone time with Val in another room. I would have gladly read this book if it had only been about them, but Val doesn't necessarily ruin the book, I just liked the boys better.I'm hoping James continues this series, but it seems she might have only planned on the two books. Demitri was introduced in the first book and then his story was told in this one. There weren't any new demigods in this one so I'm thinking it might end here. It's a shame, but I am going to check out her other books.

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