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An Artificial Night (October Daye Series #3)

An Artificial Night - Seanan McGuire Holy repetition, Batman! I'm beyond frustrated with this series. On one hand I love the world and the characters. Her ideas are fantastic, but the way the characters go round and around and back again is ridiculous. How many times can Toby make a trek to the same place? How many times can she almost die? How many times does she have to say she's NOT A HERO? How many times do we have to be told that you're not supposed to say, "thank you," to the fae? Apparently over and over and OVER AGAIN.So the plot is; someone is stealing children and Toby has to find out who and stop them. This is basically the whole book. There's little more that goes on in between Toby trying to rescue the kids and not getting herself or her friends killed. This unfortunately brings me back to my feelings on the second novel; her books are bloated and full of inconsequential scenes. Tybalt is underused. Toby gets hurt a lot. It's basically the same thing over and over ad nauseum. What was worse this time were the numerous visits with Lily, Luna, the Luidaeg, and Blind Michael. So instead of Toby running around the same building back and forth like in the last book, she's running from knowe to knowe over and over again. I lost track of how many times she visited The Luidaeg, it was kind of ridiculous. Toby's life is basically lather, rinse, repeat and it's so disappointing.The bright side to this story? Toby didn't have to solve anything. She's terrible at following clues and being a detective so at least we were saved from her bumbling around. We found answers to some of the mysteries, but not because Toby was looking for them. I love the world McGuire has created. I like Toby, even though she can be dumb sometimes. I haven't given up on this series yet, mostly because there are still questions that I want answers to, but I would never be able to recommend this series to anyone and feel good about it.Check out my reviews for the two books before this one: Rosemary and Rue and A Local Habitation.

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