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Tempting Danger (Lupi Series #1)

Tempting Danger (Lupi Series #1) - 4.25 starsThis story takes place in San Diego, which made me really happy. I've only lived in California a year but I already love finding movies or books that are set near my home.Lily is a fantastic, strong, Chinese-American police detective with a gift for sensing magic. Lily kind of reminded me of old Anita Blake with a bit of Mercy Thompson's weaknesses and Kate Daniels's practicality sprinkled in. If that makes any sense to anyone. Rule is a very sexy (yet stereotypical) werewolf - protective, intelligent, incredibly good in bed ... At first I didn't really like him, but I think the fact that Wilks put us inside his head as well as Lily's made it easier to warm up to him.The plot is not one-dimensional at all. I had thought this was mostly paranormal romance, but it's really urban fantasy with a romance included. The mystery is very much the focal point and it's obvious that Wilks is adept at weaving multiple plot threads together. I like stories where you get to see different sides and multiple points of view, and when it's done well it's a really exciting and immersive storytelling technique. I think Lynn Viehl does a good job of this as well, and if you're a fan of hers you may want to try out this series too.I will echo pretty much everyone else's thoughts that the big fight ended abruptly. I don't want to say that's the reason I gave this book less than five stars though, that's more because I'm pretty stingy with my stars, but the choice to end the scene the way she did was ... odd. I tried to think if they did something like that in a movie, how would I feel? Probably pretty pissed off, but the bulk of this book was so enjoyable that I can't say it really ruined anything for me.I'm definitely glad I finally read this one, and it's honestly weird that it took me this long to give it a chance. If you're looking for a strong female character with an electrifying romance and an engrossing mystery steeped with magic, then this is a perfect book to pick up.

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