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Blood Bound (Mercy Thompson, Book 2)

Blood Bound - Patricia Briggs A wonderful series that could use a smidge more romance although I'm enjoying the slow build-up between Mercy and her men. The only thing is though, has this love-triangle turned into a love-square? Stefan, Mercy's Mystery Machine bus-driving vampire friend, asks her for a favor. She owed him after the events of the last book so she reluctantly agrees. Mercy goes with Stefan to a hotel to meet with a vampire that entered the area without checking in with the queen first. Stefan asks Mercy to accompany him as a coyote in a harness and to act as his pet, she's merely supposed to be part of his costume so he can intimidate the other vampire. Once they get to the hotel though they realize that things aren't as they seem. The hotel is all but empty and Mercy smells something amiss. The creature they meet there isn't just any vampire and Mercy, Stefan, and the rest of her close friends all get thrown into a conflict with a being more evil than they could have imagined.This series's best quality is the characters. They're very well-developed and they feel real; I want to know and I also care about what's going to happen to them. Mercy is likable and down-to-earth; she's the type of girl you'd want to be friends with and have at your back. I'm not sure how I feel about Samuel, but at least he's there to make sure Mercy is safe, even though he really just wants her to have his kids. Adam, though, is delicious. I love how he takes care of his women (Mercy and Jesse) and also manages his pack as a true Alpha. I think he's finally figured out how to deal with Mercy and get through to her without her feeling controlled by him. I hope the next book proves this and their relationship moves forward.I normally like vampire stories better but I have to say this is my favorite werewolf series. I like Briggs's wolves and I think she does one of the best jobs at describing their behavior and making them seem real. On top of the great characterization of the main characters, the side characters do their job of fleshing out the story as well. I normally have a hard time when there's a huge cast but Briggs does a great job of describing them and giving them all a unique personality. And even if she's reintroducing a character we didn't spend a lot of time with she gives a bit of information that jogs the reader's memory. If only all authors would do this! There's been so many series I've gotten frustrated with because I'd forgotten who a character was and I'd sit their with it in the back of my mind trying to figure out who they were and this would kind of ruin the story for me.The villain in this book was actually scary too! I'm not embarrassed to say that I was home alone reading this at night and when I got to a certain part I actually got kind of jumpy. My house is old and makes all kinds of noises and I know this but I kept thinking back to a certain scene in this book and freaking myself out. A great second book and a great story in general. I can't wait to read more about Mercy and her friends!

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